Plan fast, don’t put off the important any more

On the way to our goal, each of us has ideas on how to achieve the result better or faster. Usually, such ideas appear at the worst possible times and in unexpected places, when there is no way to take more than a few seconds

Don’t put off your ideas and don’t get distracted from your business at the same time. Create task just in a second, and Task View will help you to assign tasks to goals and set a completion time

Do not worry about your data, store it on your own server

Task View is a task manager aiming at helping to concentrate on achieving the result, but sometimes the goals are so ingenious and the tasks are so important that you want to ensure their safety and not upload them to the "cloud" again

Task View provides storage of important goals and tasks locally on your own server


Focus on achieving goals, the best tools for this are already at your disposal

SMART goals

Set specific measurable goals for SMART with an indication of the expected result

Express tasks

Create express tasks throughout the day, and Task View will help you to attach them to your goals

Task lists

Too many different tasks under one goal? Simplify your planning and group them into multiple lists

Your data

Plan without internet access. Task View allows you to store goals, tasks and other data locally on your device/server

We’ve got a present for you!

Join the Task View community today and use the first version of the program for free. At Task View, we move away from the concept of to-do list and implement smart planning technology to achieve our goals. Use the service together with us and give your comments and suggestions, we will be glad to see any feedback. Achieve your goals easily with Task View, a service for personal files and work tasks daily planning


Team Took part

The work for developing Task View is planned and controlled in Task View - this is the basic principle that determines the high quality of our product

Nikolay Giman


What is the difference between your service and other task managers?

Task View is much more than a task manager. In one service we will combine the best techniques for organizing time and workflow. Express tasks, an automated calendar, the “pomodoro” technique, analytics, teamwork and tracking progress are just a small part of the functionality that the service will have

We do not make a to-do list application. We make a service which main purpose is to achieve your goals

Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves us almost no free time during the day, and therefore the Task View team decided that the planning process should not take more than a few seconds

Open Task View, add tasks to the express task list. At the end of the day, attach tasks to goals, plan the next days, specify deadlines, and in the second version we will teach our service to make a schedule and display your plans on a calendar

The first version is provided to our users for free. Use, invite friends, criticize. We welcome any feedback